Dairy Cattle

Gupta Dairy Farm is a reliable name as one of the most trusted Exporters and Suppliers of Cattle. The variety of Cattle provided by us encompasses Cows, Buffaloes, and Murrah Breeding Bulls. These Cattle animals are primarily demanded for milk production and breeding purposes in most of the dairy farms. Also, demanded for other products like meat, our Cattle is very healthy and reared under hygienic environment. Our Cattle is resistant to ticks and properly vaccinated, in order to avoid any kind of disease or infections.


Cow is one of the most common domesticated animals, which is raised for milk & milk products . The company is one of the renowned Exporters and Suppliers of dairy Cows based in India. We offer a variety of cows for varied purposes and requirements of our clients. The variety of cows offered by us includes indigenous cows    (Sahiwal Cow,Tharparker cow, Hariana cow, Gir cow), Jersey Cow, and Holstein Friesian Cow including breeding bulls of those breeds. These Cows are known for their high milk yielding capability. Also, buyers can avail various breeds of healthy Cows from us at very reasonable prices.


Gupta Dairy Farm is one stop destination for obtaining healthy and well breed Buffaloes. The company is a well-established Exporter and Supplier of Buffaloes in India.
Murrah buffalo is the best buffalo breed in the world and the richest source of Murrah germplasm is in Haryana. Though triple purpose it is chiefly maintained for milk production, it is an excellent performer and it is better converter of course feeds in to fat rich milk even under the harsh conditions.It has a jet black body colour, It is sound built, heavy and wedge shaped having a comparatively small head and long face and neck, horns and short and tight with curve. Udder is fully developed, drooping with teats equally distributed over the udder with hind teats slightly longer than fore teats. First Calving is at about 3 years of age with long lactation period of about 280 to 300 days. With good Murrah buffaloes yield 14 to 18 ltrs of milk and exceptionally good buffaloes over 22 Ltrs of milk per day. Dry period pf Murrah is generally two to three months.